Using the blockchain technology and the polling system, changing the distribution of Japanese manga in the world

Manga distribution project

To spread information of Japanese original manga contents and writers around our first target, the Chinese market, by using the Weibo, and have a popularity contest once the scenarios and the characters are made.

Prior to making investment in a work, we measure the number of followers and popularity, and make manga / anime of those that have the top popularity, thereby efficiently creating Japanese popular writers and manga from China. This shall increase the probability of success of anime, games, and goods and build a new distribution model of Japanese manga in China.

From China to Asia, and from Asia to the world.

Project Outline
Using the blockchain technology and the polling system, changing the distribution of Japanese manga in the world.
Setting the Chinese market as our first target
Creating manga and anime based on the characters and scenarios of those that have won a popularity contest among the “Japanese manga fans” in China who has bought Manganime tokens.

Expanding, selling, and distributing from a total contents platform(original) of manga, anime, games and goods.

Company Introduction
We transmit Japan’s fascinating entertainment content to China, the world’s largest entertainment power,
and contribute to the creation ofvalue and a future where everyone can realize their dreams.
Company Japan Manga Factory Pte. Ltd.
President Emi Nakasuji
Established May 16th, 2018
Business description
  • Promotion planning, production and management
  • Digital promotion
  • Media promotion
  • WEB promotion
  • SNS promotion
  • Influencer / KOL promotion

Advertisement of Mai Kuraki’s Treasure Book to China

Total contents provider of manga and anime

Integrating platform of manga and anime

'MANGANIME STORE” and “MANGANIME SOCIAL NETWORK” an integrating platform which deals in movies, games and goods.

Total produce beyond Manga

With the manga artists and editors we will produce not only making mangas and animes but also making them into games and goods.

Making manga into online digital books

Digitalizing manga and adding Chinese translation in order to expand in China.

Business Overview
We are a entertainment company that can realize the “China’s Dream”.
We own a MCN (Multi-channel network) specialized in China on our business bases,
allowing to manage and distribute multiple video channels in China.

Market entry support

SNS Promotion

WeChat management service

Local audition

AR promotion

Music, games, anime

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